Frequently Asked Questions

 What sets Oakwood Cabinets apart from "high-production" cabinets....


Are your doors solid wood?

Customers ask this because other companies have told them that they only use all wood or solid wood doors, which is true. However, most doors found on high-production cabinets have a particleboard core with a wood veneer covering - thus solid wood, not necessarily solid oak, maple , cherry, etc. Oakwood Cabinets doors are built from solid oak, hickory or wood of your choice.



Do you use particleboard or plywood for your cabinet boxes?

Most face frames on cabinets are solid oak or wood of your choice. The rest of the unit has a particlebaord or plywood core with a wood veneer or vinyl over it. At Oakwood Cabinets, we use a high-density particleboard core because it is better material to use although neither material is made for water or exterior use. When particleboard gets wet it swells, when plywood gets wet it will swell and delaminate. Particleboard is generally flatter and easier to cut. plywood tends to warp when cut, therefore a cabinet side made from this material is often slightly warped. Our high-density board is covered with a real wood veneer not vinyl.


How durable are you drawers and drawer slides?

Our drawers are built to last. .We use  KV8400 metal slides with ball bearing rollers, which are full extension drawer slides and have a 100 lb. weight capacity. Most high-production drawers are of inferior quality with epoxy-coated drawer slides, nylon rollers, and no ball bearings.

Our standard drawer boxes are dovetailed with 5/8" solid maple sides and 1/4" bottoms. Floors are dadoed in the box all the way around. We have never   had a complaint about the construction of our drawer. Customer satisfaction speaks for itself!


Do you have any features which "upgrade"your cabinets?

Oakwood Cabinets strives to offer its customers the highest quality product with superior construction, durability, and style. We offer many features and options that may be added upon request, although we do not consider them upgrades. These optional features include;  plywood core sides and backs, full overlay doors with concealed hinges, wood veneer interiors, pull-out drawers, etc.

High-production cabinet makers will upgrade their cabinets by using dovetailed drawers and full extension drawer slides either under or side mounted. Therefore, a top of the line high-prodution cabinet still uses a hot glued cabinet box not dadoed or glue jointed. Consequently, additional money is being spent on features, which are supposed to improve construction, yet the cabinet box is generally the same. At Oakwood Cabinets, we would rather build a better cabinet and offer it as our standard, not an "upgrade", because we want our cabinets to last.


When and who does the installing?

Oakwood cabinets offers installation through a certified subcontractor to insure quality control and customer satisfaction. Oakwood Cabinets will coordinate the installation date with the delivery of your cabinets. Most installations can be completed in a single day and   the installation fee is paid directly to the subcontractor after the cabinets and your counter tops are installed.Or a customer may choose to use someone they know, or try their own hand at installing.



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